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I kept your card on my coffee table so I would have it handy when I was ready to buy more plants. I am eager to plant these new ground covers, and I am so glad you had lilacs too!


Marcel B., Cookeville

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March Featured Plants


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State of Tennessee

Department of Agriculture

Greenhouse Certificate #15267

Just spent an entire months worth of egg money on the most healthiest plants but well worth it every penny. Concord grape vine, Leeland Cypress, Weiglia, Corkscrew Willow, Rose of Sharon, Hydrangeas just to name a few they have available at super prices.

Kim Sells, Cookeville



Great prices. Will definitely be going back. Very helpful in picking out what I was looking for.

Kim Walker Dailey


OPENING MAR. 6, 2018

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PJM, Kaberett


I had the best experience coming here the other day! Love Mrs. Sheila, she's wonderful and extremely helpful!


Needless to say I filled my back seat with treasures to bring home and plant, and most definitely am looking forward to coming back!

Highly recommend!


Thank you Mrs. Sheila for all your insight, will be back with my Mom and her friends soon!

Lee Ann Marie Wetherington

Honoring our country and those who have fought for freedom.


"Lenten Rose'


Chuck Hayes, Frostproof


Hardy  to Zone 6

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February-March Updates


This is the perfect time to plant the grapes and flowering shrubs and trees that we have here at G&S Growers because they are still dormant and haven't started to put out fragile new roots. But they look so good with nice fat buds to let you know of the life that resides in them.


Here's hoping that the worst of the cold weather is behind us! It is, if I can trust the meteorologists' predictions for February, March, and April. That isn't to say that we might not have a frost that will damage some new buds as plants come out of their winter dormancy. We are trying to complete our new greenhouse - at least to the point that it will shelter some plants from such a frost which might happen in April. Keep in mind that that after May 1st there should be no more frosts. Some years that end-of-frost date is earlier, but May 1st is considered to always be the safe date here in zone 7.


We have some early flowering shrubs that put out their blooms before they even have leaves, such as gorsythia and flowering quince. They are available now.


You can plant your tomatoes and peppers in April, but be sure to cover them on cold nights and take the covers off before the sun hits them in the morning. You can save plastic gallon milk bottles and cut the bottoms off and use those for your covers.


We will have several varieties of tomatoes and peppers. Some of these you won't find anywhere else, such as the new Valentine Grape Tomato that has been bred to be higher in nutritious lycopene.


Also new this year: Camellias that have been specifically bred to be winter hardy in zone 6 (which is colder that it gets in Cookeville). Also, we will be at the Farmers' Market on Walnut Ave. in Cookeville on Saturday mornings, but the Saturday nursery hours will be from 1 pm - 4 pm


See a full listing and information about our perennials, shrubs, and trees here.  This list is updated weekly with the varieties that are available in our sales areas.



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Jordan's Pride Camillia had deep rose blooms with petals edged in white. Truly spectacular!


January 2018  

Building a New Greenhouse

Thornless Blackberry


Flowering Quince

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