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What is a backyard grower? 

A backyard grower is a business that is not in a commercial location but grows plants for sale in their backyard. These are usually small-scale businesses run by retirees, disabled persons, or those in need of extra income. They specialize in personalized, friendly service and lovingly grow all or many plants from seed, cuttings, or grafting. These nurseries are licensed and inspected. Plants are generally of superior quality at a competitive or less than retail price.


Because  backyard growers often use plants in their yard for propagation purposes, they are able to give you information about how a particular variety responded to past winter temperatures, and other aspects of growing a plant in your own yard. Many growers have plants that you won't find anywhere else locally, unusual varieties, etc.


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State of Tennessee

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What growing zone is Cookeville in?


        We are located in Zone 7. Click here to see a UDA map of zones.