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Banana plants are one of our best sellers. We carry three kinds, but the most popular ones are the ones that have come from this mother plant. It is about 7 years old and has never been mulched or had any winter protection. We expect it to grow as tall as 20 feet in the summer 2017.


We think the plants look even better when they are surrounded with some of our elephant ear plants. That will give you a tropical appearance to your garden and fill in the bottom of the banana plants.


We also have some plants banana plants that are not winter hardy and will grow up to 7 ft. They have striped leaves and make a nice houseplant. Or enjoy it outside until the frost gets it or you bring it inside for the winter.


People often ask if the plants produce bananas. Ours have never had bananas, but if these plants produce any bananas they will be very small and not edible. Not poisonous, just not something you would want to eat. But they make a good converstaion piece and impress your friends!