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Back in 2005 I had never heard of a Weigela, much less known how to pronounce it. But I saw one at a nursery and it looked like it would be a wonderful shrub to go in the area between our house and my husband's new shop building. That shrub took off and has been a source of joy to us, and helped us get started propagating plants.

Weigelas are deciduous shrubs that are useful as specimen plants, in borders, as background for other plants, or as an informal flowering hedge. They can grow in partial shade but will have more abundant flowering in full sun. Hummingbirds love the trumpet-shaped flowers. They bloom in late spring for about 6 weeks. They can be pruned after flowering for shaping and it might also induce more flowering, though not as abundantly.  When you buy your plants here we talk to you about how and when to prune them, as well as when to water them. These shrubs are easy to grow. In the 12+ years that we have grown them we have never had a problem with insects, powdery mildew, or any other problems.


These are the Weigelas that we carry in our nursery now.


Red Weigela -


These plants are an heirloom variety and all have come from the mother plant shown above.

If left unpruned it can get 10 feet tall.



Red Prince -


The color of these blossoms is a little deeper and redder.

This shrub grows 5-6 ft. tall and wide.



Vanicek Weigela  Weigela florida 'Vanicekii'


Sometimes also called Newport Red Weigela. A shapely shrub with foilage that is a little darker. Attractive, showy pink blossoms. Grows 7-8 ft. but does not spread as wide as Red Weigela.



Rumba Weigela Weigela florida 'Rumba'.


Blooms June- Sept. Is a semi-dwarf growing

3 ft. tall with a spread of 4 ft. Pink flowers.

Useful as a foundation planting.




Tango Weigela


Grows 2-2 1/2 ft. perfect for the weigela lover

that doesn't have space for other varieties.

It has dark green-bronze leaves that make a

nice contrast with the pink blossoms.



Variegated Weigela


Beautiful variegated leaves topped with pink and white flowers.

Grows 4-6 ft. tall. Fertilize after spring blooming and get another wave of blossoms.



White Knight One of the few varieties of weigelas with white blossoms. Grows 4-5 ft. tall. Blossoms have a fragrance.



Pink Weigela Weigela florida 'Rosea'


Grows 8 ft. tall and wide. Abundant, showy pink blossoms. Makes a denser bush than Red Weigela and makes a nice flowering shrub as a screen.

Red Prince

Red Weigela

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